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Weird sound after changing spark plugs

Listening to your car can help you troubleshoot problems. If you hear a strange sound, pay attention and react accordingly.

weird sound after changing spark plugs

You hear a high-pitched squeal that stops when you shut off your engine: Readjust or replace the belt. The rubber gasket may be worn. Something ticks rhythmically while your engine idles: Shut off the engine, wait ten minutes for the engine to cool and the oil to settle, and then check the oil level. If you have enough oil, have a mechanic check the valve adjustment. If you hear a loud tapping or knocking sound in your engine, pull to the side of the road and call for road service.

You hear the engine running after you turn off the ignition: Your engine is dieseling. This condition only happens to cars with carburetors. You hear a whistling noise coming from under the hood: Check the hoses for vacuum leaks. Turn the engine off and try the following:. Replace any that are fouled or burned. The idling is rough but even: Have a technician check the compression in each cylinder.

Your car makes a loud, abnormal sound: A hole in the muffler is probably the cause. Replace it immediately.

The horn is stuck: If your horn gets stuck, pull the wires to stop the noise, as shown here. Then put the plugs in your ears, run the engine, and move the tube end of the stethoscope around the hood area. You hear whining or humming sounds on curves: Your wheel bearings may be wearing.

weird sound after changing spark plugs

Your tires make a weird, rhythmic sound as you drive: Check inflation, tire wear, and wheel balancing. Get them replaced immediately. If you have drum brakes, brake linings that are glazed or worn can cause them to squeal as well. You hear rumbling noises coming from under or toward the rear of the vehicle: The trouble could be a defective exhaust pipe, muffler, or catalytic converter; or it could be coming from a worn universal joint or some other part of the drive train. Have a service facility put the car up on a hoist and find the problem.

You hear clunking under your vehicle, especially when you go over a bump: Check the shock absorbers and suspension system. If the sound is toward the rear, your tailpipe or muffler may be loose. If your horn gets stuck, pull a wire to silence it. A piece of tubing and an old stethoscope make an efficient troubleshooting device.Forums New posts Search forums.

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Popping Noise after Changing Spark Plugs?

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weird sound after changing spark plugs

Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. New posts. Search forums. Ticking After Spark Plug Change? Thread starter dz01 Start date Oct 7, JavaScript is disabled.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Mar 31, 8 19 Massachusetts. Thought I would start a new thread on this. Supposedly they aren't that old, but I wanted to change them anyway.

Based on feedback from most people saying to stick with autolite 25's, that's what I went with. Gaped all at. Fired car up and immediately heard a ticking kind of like an exhaust leak tick.

It was pretty loud when I took it down the street and back. Definitely coming from the passenger side back. I thought I might have disturbed the smog pipe in the back of the motor, but it's pretty solid.

I pulled the plugs out and doubled checked gap one might have been off a little. Made sure they were all snug, checked order of plugs wires and made sure I heard the "click" when pushing the wires on. I did notice the wires seemed to fit on the NGKs better than the Autolites, but that might just be me reaching.

Started car again and although the ticking was still there, did sound a little quieter. I checked the plug length and the NGKs are actually a little longer so they can't be hitting. I supposed it's possible to get a bum plug, but seems very unlikely. I did pick up two new plugs anyway so I can at least swap out 4 later. Worse case I'll put the NGKs back in and see if noise goes away. Anyone ever experience this?

weird sound after changing spark plugs

Seems very strange. A quick google search yielded many experiencing this for all kinds of reasons. I'm thinking bum plug or poor wire connection It doesn't look that tall.

Jul 6, 5, 2, gainesville. Money is on wires. Did you use boot grease?Hi All! I have a bit of a weird problem that has popped up over the last couple days after I took my Mercury Mountaineer 5. A bit of a back story first… Over the last weekend the engine started misfiring on me on the way home from work.

They said they got to digging around and somehow my 7 plug wire had melted in half, their theory being it had come in contact with the exhaust manifold. Long story short, I had them replace all the plugs and wires and do a tune up and the car is running great!

I have an aftermarket stereo that I installed a Pioneer if it matters and since I picked up the car there has been a moderately loud popping noise coming through the speakers when I have the receiver set on certain inputs. The noise is sort of a popcorn popping… It increases in speed with higher engine RPM and decreases at idle sometimes going away almost altogether but it is always the same volume no matter the RPM.

Ticking After Spark Plug Change?

If I lower the volume on the receiver the popcorn volume drops accordingly. Spark-plugs for cars usually have a resistor in them to prevent engine noise in the radio. Thanks Mike! I know the wires are Auto-lite, not sure what brand was used for the plugs. Is there any easy way to figure out which cylinder might be causing the problem? It is possible one of the plug wires is not fully seated onto the plug, or at the distributor or coil end, and the sound you hear is from a spark jumping that gap.

You can buy Motorcraft which makes the plugs for Ford. Normally the AM radio band is the first thing to pick up a problem since it is fairly sensitive to noise problems like this. I assume the USB function uses an external cord to make connection but does the CD input do that also? I am thinking the noise is being picked up by an external connection cord that is acting as an antenna and picking up the noise. Cleaning the grounds to the engine, chassis, and battery may help reduce or eliminate the noise level.

In other words, understand that even if something is amiss, that does not mean they caused it or even should have caught it. They know exectly what they did under the hood. Spurrious ignition signals can be seen on a scope, as can signal anomolies.

Thanks for all the tips… I have already made sure of a good seating between wire and distributor, I will check the plug end tonight. The USB input is just a port on the face of the receiver. I think you are into a gray area there. They did their job and made things work better. I think they would be justified in charging you again to try and fix this new issue but hopefully they will work with you on it for the sake of good customer relations.

If the radio interference was caused by some error they made, like not fully seating a wire or using an incorrect sparkplug, they should correct it for free.

Does anyone out there have any idea what is going on in my car?! MikeInNH July 6,am 2. But the spark plugs are the first thing to be checked.I have a '84 csi bmw. I changed the oil and plugs and when I started it again I heard a ticking noise. How can I figure out which caused this? The old oil was really dark previous owner must not have changed the oil in a long time. A couple of the plugs were worse than the others.

I decided not to change the wires. I already changed the oil to 20w50, thicker than the first oil which was 5w I also poured in a quart of additive thats supposed to quiet noisy lifters, but that didnt help.

Any suggestions? For one, a spark plug will not make any kind of external noise if defective. It would only cause the entire cylinder to "miss" which you would feel as a roughness to the engine operation. The ticking noise is almost definitely oil related. You could use an engine flush treatment pour it in, run the engine for 20 minutes or whatever the package says drain the oil and switch a step back to a 15W40 oil.

In many cases you need to be patient for a day or two of driving for the noise to completely go away. If that fails it may simply be worn parts within the upper engine, or blocked oil passages that can't be cleaned with a simple chemical additive. You don't put thick oil in cars like this. Thick oil is for older car with more "bearing clearance" newer cars are made with much tighter clearance. It is probably valve noise.

Probably not a big deal other than the noise. Toyota's tick like that and run forever. The problem is that thick oil may not be able to get in between the bearings to give you proper lubrication.

Don't ever use those quick fix additives. They cause more problems than they promise to fix. Give the car a major tune up ,plugs wires oil change with oil change depending on mileage use heaver weight with higher mileage and a lesser weight on lower mileage. If noise is still their have your valves checked. Go back to 5w30 oil or perhaps 10w30, if ticking continues check for spark plug wires arching, motor running and in the dark.I just changed the spark plugs, and now when I try to start my truck it makes awful popping sounds, with a puff of smoke.

I tried to make sure I didn't get too much debris in the engine, but I'm hoping that's only it. I'm pretty confident that I didn't mix up any of the spark plug leads, and I started it earlier today just fine. There's usually a sticker under the hood that says the year, engine size, and the spark plug gap, they're usually around 0.

Sounds like you have the plug wires mixed up. You need to go back and look at the manual and make sure you have them in the right spot. Also check the gap in your plugs. You definitely have your plug wires crossed up. In the future only change one plug at a time removing and replacing each wire as you go. Sounds like you've got a few plug wires reversed check your firing order and make sure all wires are on the right plugs.

Could mean you screwed up when you installed them or that the auto parts store who sold them to you, screwed up and sold you the wrong spark plugs. It could also mean you put the wrong wire to the wrong spark plugs and that's called back firing. Mostly it could be a problem of any leakage of current,please check your sparkplug cables and also the correct connection. Answer Save. How do you think about the answers?

You can sign in to vote the answer. All the best Nataraj bahrain. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.Should I have changed the wires that would work with NGK plugs?

ticking noise from spark plugs or oil change?

Plugs for this car are pretty deep in. With the wrench, they seem very tight but I will try to tighten them a little more…. No but the are supposed to fit my car… I bought the high performance ones from NGK instead of the stock one from Bosch.

Got it… About torque: as per instructions, I should torque between ft lbs… I had set my torque wrench to 20 ft lbs. You do not want to cross-thread them.

Weird sound after changing spark plugs- MVI 4294

Find Porsche specs not plugs specs! Is there any way you can narrow down where the noise is coming from, Listening with a long piece of heater hose is one thought, do not want to be liable for that suggestion though, so at your own risk.

Porsche specs are ft lbs… they went in cleanly and I was able to hand tighten them. Used a wrench to do the final turns…. Time to be brave and touch the wires while she is running. After that I would be looking for cracked plug boots that go down into the plug wells… you can still hear arcing if it is happening down in the plug well.

We used to throw charged ignition capacitors, and got zapped a few times by ignition, my arm bent seemed to help I guess, the jolt always stopped at my elbow Put sad face emoji here. Separates the girls from the ladies quickly, I know that.

The right way to change plugs: 1: Remove plug wire from plug by turning and pulling wire off plug. Set aside in order so you can do a side by side comparison.

Not enough time to explain, but necessary. You may have marked the wires to avoid mixing them up. If it was me though I would just replace the wires with new. If the plugs were due, the wires are probably old to begin with. Just chaulk it up to regular maintenance. Then if clicking stops your good to go. If clicking continues, you can move to the next step of diagnostics.

Offhand, a plug could have been damaged during installation, a plug connector pulled loose, or in a few very rare cases the new plug may be bad. The thought ot torquing some plugs at 25 Ft. Tester January 12,am 2.Forum Rules. Now through Dec 31st, Recent Threads Help choose a Jeep Creative help for an enthusiast! Hello from Arkansas interchangeable jeep parts Anyone else stuck at home? Oil change question. Info on Liberty lift What do you use to mount a flag to your jeep?

Reader Rides. Thread: Engine noise after replacing spark plugs. Engine noise after replacing spark plugs. After replacing the spark plugs, I was getting a 5 misfire on the check engine reading. As soon as I started the engine, I began to hear a sound near the rear passenger of the engine.

Sounded like a faint marraca shaking, or maybe someone going "shh, shh, shh, shh" really fast. The sound became faster with increased RPM. No check engine light. I decided to drive home, approx 5 miles from the store. When I got maybe 2 miles away, and at 45 mph, I heard a loud pop, like a balloon busting, and now the sound is amplified by 2, times.

It's horrid. The engine still runs and accelerates. I coasted the rest of the way home, gentle as possible on the accelerator. I have 06 LJ, I6, 4. I was just doing my 30, maintenance.

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